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Geoffrey Jellineck
29 August 2006 @ 06:50 pm
Hi. Okay, um. Does anyone want to see this hot hot piece of TR fanart my friend lashia69 drew for me because I bugged her to do so? :x

Cracky cloney OT3 for the mutherfucking WIN.Collapse )
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Geoffrey Jellineck
24 August 2006 @ 01:52 am
August 3: Despite Chuck's ineptitude at making apologies, even when they come from instruction manuals, the pair manage to forgive one another, and a snugglefest ensues.

August 6: After cowering through the hurricane, Geoffrey wakes to find that Chuck has abandoned him. In searching, he finds instead Jim Halpert and Stephen Colbert, who explain about mysterious island disappearances and the four horsemen of the apocalypse, respectively.

Geoffrey later adds Chuck's name and a personal threat to the missing persons list.

August 10: Chuck returns at last from his unfortunate visit to Dinosaur Country to be greeted with physical assault by a furious and lonely Geoffrey, and although he promises to stay angry forever, Geoffrey is eager enough to commit the predictably filthy indulgences of the recently reunited. They later discuss laundry, bathing and hut-building. NSFW.

* * *

Memes: A bird on Chuck's head; a bird on Geoffrey's head; Lost in Translation meme for Chuck; Confessions meme ft. death threats to Chuck; lyrics meme to Chuck; lyrics meme to Geoffrey; Truth or Dare with Chuck (in which he never actually receieves said dare).
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Geoffrey Jellineck
17 July 2006 @ 01:47 am
July 22: Geoffrey makes his arrival in a tumble onto the beach, where he learns the 411 from Chris Perry Halliwell, who has some comforting news about hair product; Justin Taylor, who offers a more cynical take on island life and Jim Halpert, who confirms that Geoffrey has a "friend" on the island. Unfortunately, Geoffrey runs into Stephen Colbert instead, who impersonates Chuck Noblet and causes a dastardly break-up ... but not before the two share a kiss.

July 26: Geoffrey finds the real Chuck Noblet, and the two have a bit of an unhappy homodramatic reunion.

* * *

AU, July 23: Cor and I get impatient for homoloves to begin and shove the boys together for a much happier (and pornier) reunion than they suffer in-game. NSFW.

* * *

Memes: Secret messages ft. Chuck/Stephen lubs; Yes or No with Chuck; Yes or No with Geoffrey; confessions to Chuck; confessions to Geoffrey.
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